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  • How does the mixing process work?
    For the mixdown, we need each individual track of the song, either in mono or stereo, without any effects applied Please provide individual tracks as WAV files in 24 or 32 bit / 44.1 kHz (no MP3s!!!) Export tracks so that each track has the exact same starting point Accurately label each individual track (track names) Provide as much information as possible about the song, the desired sound, and what should be emphasized in the mix Please include your own mix as a reference 2 to 3 reference tracks (other productions that you like the sound of, or that your songs should sound similar to) Contact information - name, email, phone number We will be in regular contact with you After we have listened to your mix, we will contact you directly to discuss the next steps.
  • How does the mastering process work?
    To master your track, we need it as a WAV file in 24 or 32 bit /44.1 kHz NO MP3s! Please provide 2 to 3 reference tracks from other productions to determine the direction your song should be mastered Contact information - name, email, phone
  • What does our service cost?
    Costs are very difficult to generalize when it comes to mixing. The price can vary depending on the number of tracks/stems and the amount of effort required to complete the task. As a reference point: 15 tracks and mastering would cost 130€. There are optional extras that may incur additional charges, such as: • Auto-Tune and Melodyne • Vocal cleanup (removal of breath and mouth noises) • Use of analog hardware • Delivery of individual tracks/stems • Streaming optimized master
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